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Photography - Catching the Eye of Potential Customer

When it comes to Amazon listing optimization, words are only half the battle. Amazon shoppers can’t feel and interact with products the way they can in-store, so product photography has to do a lot of the heavy lifting in bringing the product to life. High-quality product imagery works in tandem with copy to support your product message and help drive greater click-through rates and sales.

Our Amazon team will work with you to gather and create beautiful product imagery that helps provide shoppers with a complete and authentic view of your product. We focus on informative and compelling product imagery that:

  • Shows off a 360-degree view of your product

  • Highlights product usage occasions

  • Gives consumers a feel of how your product could into their everyday lives

  • Helps consumers grasp the size of your product

  • Captures important product details and features

Wow with Our Amazon Product Photography

Sellers who dominate their competitors understand that their customers make purchasing decisions based on their senses, emotion, and logic. Effective product photography and Amazon videos appeals to all three.

As to the sensory side of the purchasing decision, online sales listings must compensate for the inability of shoppers to feel and touch when contemplating a purchase. Properly presented images of your product, therefore, can help fill those gaps and give you a big advantage over competitive listings. There are two primary types of photography essentials to successful online listings:

  • Product isolation - to inform the logical side of the purchasing decision, photography and related illustrations should isolate the product and present both the product and the information contained on any relevant labels and packaging clearly and legibly from a variety of angles.

  • Lifestyle photography & Amazon Videos- the listing should include photographs and videos modeling the product as it enhances the lifestyle of the consumer. Such photos not only attract the eye but also personalize and add value to the product by appealing to the shopper’s emotional side.

Our Amazon Product Photography & Video Experts Handle

  •  Lighting

    Photograph your product(s) using soft natural light to capture the product’s true colors

  •  Angles

    Photograph product from a variety of angles to help the customer visualize your product

  •  Processing

    Size, crop, and outline images properly to conform to Amazon's rigorous photography guidelines

  •  Perception

    Produce images that complement your listing, while increasing the perception of your product.

Typical Results Include:

Your customers must rely on images and visual impressions to feed the emotion and logic they use to buy. Clear, compelling imagery that appeals to both their visual sense, emotion and logic is an important key to your Amazon sales success.

  • Greater buyer confidence and conversion

  • Positive perception as a result of clear and attractive product rendering

  • Fewer returns due to improved product clarity for customers>

  • Value added through eye-catching and quality imagery

  • Higher page traffic due to attractive renderings