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Customer Service

Provide Superior Amazon Customer Service

Online sales platforms such as Amazon allow customers to review items and provide feedback regarding their experiences with sellers. In making their buying decisions, shoppers place substantial emphasis on these messages. In the online world, this is the measure of customer service.

Having based and built its business on incredible customer service, Amazon expects no less of the third party sellers using their platforms. Amazon’s sales platforms and algorithms are structured to identify, reward and highlight the listings of sellers who provide good customer service, and to de-emphasize those who do not. In extreme cases, sellers providing poor CS may find their accounts suspended or even removed completely.

Always strive to reflect a more positive shopping experience and customer satisfaction rate than your competitors.

  •  Avoid damage to your reputation and prevention of sales reductions

  •  Favorable feedback and reviews which improve branding

  •  Customer reviews drive an increase in sales

  •  Conversion of negative customer situations into positive experiences

  •  Organic growth

  •  Increase in Buy Box rate

For success on Amazon, sellers must address and attempt to effectively reverse bad reviews and negative feedback on listings. As well, they should employ methods to minimize the chances of a customer becoming dissatisfied in the first place. It can be time intensive, but is essential to seller success.

To Deliver Strong Amazon Customer Service, Sellers Should:

  • Proactively minimize the chances of a customer become dissatisfied

  • Address and mitigate the impact of negative reviews and feedback

  • Look for opportunities to create positive outcomes

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  • Experience

    Create a buying experience that decreases the likely for anyone to leave a negative review

  • Positivity

    Encourage positive feedback and reviews from your customers

  • Timely

    Respond to your customers’ questions and inquiries in a timely manner

  • Reviews and Feedback

    Respond to, mitigate, or reverse negative feedback and reviews

  • Returns

    Handle customer returns of your products in a customer-friendly, business building manner

  • Auditing

    Identify defective product issues by gathering photos and/or product returns