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The Importance of Content in an Online Marketplace

Moving the customer to the “I gotta have this” mindset is especially challenging in an online marketplace. Shopping is traditionally a sensory experience, one in which consumers touch and interact with a product before making a purchase decision. On the other hand, online selling does not afford the customer the advantage of the tactile sense; they can’t feel and experience your product.

Good copywriting can help overcome this barrier to purchase and provide shoppers with a sense of what the product is like. Just as a good novelist can make a story come alive in a book, a good copywriter can make a product come alive in a reader’s imagination. Once a shopper can visualize a product and imagine how it can fit into their life they move that much closer to conversion and purchase. Powerful copywriting can help accomplish this.


Copywriting - Crafting a Strategic Message for Your Product

The content included in your listing has more of an effect on your Amazon search rankings than any other factor – which makes sense since it’s the component consumers interact with most. Crafting well-written content that strategically incorporates your most valuable keywords is the key to optimizing your listing for higher ranking and conversions. That’s where we come in.

Our Amazon copywriters take the time to understand the unique Amazon consumer journey and educate ourselves on Amazon’s copy guidelines and restrictions to create strategic content that appeals to both the Amazon algorithm and the emotions that drive consumer purchase decisions.

Our writers can help develop creative, captivating copy or your listing's:

  • Product title - This is the first part of your listing shoppers will see. We carefully craft every title to entice shoppers click while incorporating you most important keywords

  • Product features/bullet points - Informative, concise bullet points give visitors a quick overview of your product. Many shoppers never look beyond the bullets to your product description, so this content is crucial driving conversions

  • Product descriptions - We utilize your product description to elaborate on the information in your title and bullets and give consumers a complete synopsis of your product while maximizing keyword usage

  • Backend search terms - We comb through our keyword analysis to identify your most important terms and properly format them for Amazon's backend

Our Copywriting Services

Keyword Research

Provide a keyword search engine optimization (SEO) analysis. We’ll research and put into practice the words most often used by potential customers when searching Amazon for products like yours. Incorporating the right keywords into your listing is instrumental in appealing to Amazon’s algorithm and getting your product in front of more shoppers.

Amazon Copywriting

Write fresh, compelling and strategic listings designed to engage and motivate shoppers to purchase your product and come back for more. Looking for more cutting-edge ways to market your listing on Amazon? We are also experts in A+ and Enhanced Brand Content.

Content Targeting

Identify an audience that is best suited to your product, be it gender, age, location, language, etc. We’ll use our findings to cater content towards this specific audience to engage them and help create loyalty for your brand.

Content & Photography

Provide compelling photography and images that complement your content. On Amazon, copy doesn’t work alone. Pairing strategically-written content with eye-catching, educational imagery creates a fuller and more positive shopping experience.