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Amazon Storefront

Get Your Own Amazon Storefront

An ever-present challenge for online sellers is the question of how to replicate the in-store experience in a sometimes impersonal eCommerce environment. Oftentimes, an even bigger question is how to stand out among other competitors in an increasingly crowded Amazon Marketplace. By building an effective Amazon Storefront, you can kill both birds with a single stone.

Amazon Stores allows you to create a centralized brand hub for your Amazon products that help increase product sales, drive customer loyalty and create a fully immerse online shopping experience for customers.

Amazon Stores | A Long Time Coming

Over the years, Amazon has introduced several precursors to its new Storefront feature. Probably the most prominent predecessor is Amazon Brand Pages. This tool did exactly what the name suggests, allowed sellers to create a page all about their brand. With Brand Pages, sellers were able to stylize their product pages just enough to differentiate their brand from competitors and help create a brand story across Amazon.

Since the tool was first introduced back in 2012, several iterations of Amazon Brand Pages have come and gone – none of which were compelling enough for sellers to invest the time and energy into fully utilizing the tool. As a result, Brand Pages never gained the widespread traction Amazon hoped it would.

Why Should I Build an Amazon Store?

If you are an Amazon vendor or seller, Storefront is entirely free, simple to use and offers the flexibility and freedom of a do-it-yourself tool. Think of it as a central destination for shoppers to both purchase your products and gather further information about your brand.

Some of the key benefits of an Amazon Storefront include:

  • Create customized templates – You have the ability to choose from a variety of design templates to help create a personalized store layout that best highlights the unique benefits of your brand.

  • Organize your Storefront on your terms – Choose exactly which products you want to feature and add supplementary multimedia content to help improve the shopping experience for your Amazon customers.

  • Seamlessly integrate product promotions – Use built-in social sharing and promotional extensions to build awareness among shoppers and drive potential customers to your storefront.


How to Get the Greatest Results from Your Amazon Store

Amazon Storefront is equipped with several tools to help you best market your brand and draw shoppers to your page. These include:

  • Access to a unique Storefront URL - Once you build your custom storefront, you’ll receive a unique URL to which you can direct consumers. This makes it easy for shoppers to quickly access your products from a single hub.

  • Get up and running quickly with Store Builder – This tool allows you to build a complete storefront in just a few minutes. With Store Builder, you can create and launch your Storefront in as little as 72 hours! Store Builder is easy to use and completely DIY, making it simple to build a store without any website experience.

How to Differentiate Your Storefront

Amazon has generally required brands to keep their product pages consistent with the overall look and feel of the Amazon Marketplace. Storefront changes all of that, allowing sellers to create a truly branded Amazon hub. Through a combination of social media linking, multimedia content and strategic use of design templates, you can create an Amazon hub unlike any other seller’s Storefront.

While there is no magic formula for success, the best Amazon Storefronts rely on creating the highest quality creative assets. In a tool that is primarily visual, catching the consumer’s eye should be your top priority. Visual elements to consider include:

• Your hero image

• Product photos

• Product copy

• Videos

Make a Big Impression with Multimedia Content

As a general rule of thumb, high-quality imagery and video content can create a large increase in conversion rates. Before Storefront, Amazon didn’t exactly make it easy to enhance product pages with video content. This is is why the ability to add product demonstrations and feature products from multiple angles through Storefront videos is so exciting for Amazon sellers.

At Awesome Dynamic, we have dedicated team members available to help create impressive multimedia content for your Amazon Storefront.

Customize Your Store to Meet Customer Needs

With an Amazon Storefront, you can utilize dynamic widgets or select specific product listings to automatically display different products based on the key consumer insights. These are based on factors like:

Keyword searches

• Best-selling products

• Recommendation history

By displaying particular products based on the above criteria, you can best fulfill the unique needs of your shoppers and increase your Storefront conversion rates.

Drive Traffic to Your Store Outside of Amazon

While the above tools provide numerous opportunities to promote your Storefront within Amazon, there are several marketing tactics you can use to drive traffic to your Storefront outside of the platform.

  1. Create Headline Search Ads - These ads appear before relevant search results to build awareness of your product among appropriate shoppers.
  2. Display your Storefront URL - One of the most cost-effective ways to promote your Storefront is to display its URL across your other marketing materials. These can include posters, emails, your website, etc.
  3. Spread the word on social - Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn make it easy to promote your Storefront to a wide social media audience. Plus, share features make it simple for your customers to spread the word among their own social networks.